Monday, February 22, 2010

My Chennai Assignment...

Dear Snehiths, this time I would like to write something about my recent visit to Chennai. Yes, I was in Chennai from 28th Jan to 11thFeb.

When they (of course Office) asked me to go Chennai for a month, for a change I happily said OK. This was the first time I was going to Chennai to stay more than a day. Last time I visited Chennai during my trip to Dubai. It was just a night stay out there. This time I went there to work in some1’s absence.

On 28th noon I started @ 2pm from Bangalore by Brandavana express train with full one month luggage. One gentleman was sitting next to me, in some point, we started chatting. That person was from Chennai, and he gave me clear picture of the city. I told my guest house address, it was far from station, so he told me to go by bus instead of auto or taxi but after seeing my luggage, he was convinced that I can’t travel in bus with my bags. But he explained me the major problem for me was to deal with auto or taxi drivers. He was supposed to get an auto for me but in between I found prepaid stand there and reached my guest house around 10pm.

The guest house was very good. Very neat and well maintained. They provided all facilities like tv, internet, ac etc.. They also provided food @ guest house. Food was comparatively good but a bit expensive. They were charging 75 bucks for lunch or dinner.

Next morning I got up early and got ready for office. Had breakfast @ guest hose and started for office. I was supposed to take KT from the guy for next one week and will work on that in his absence. That day I could only take KT on some login credential because of his busy schedule. Unfortunately very next day he got the call from his native and went on leave. He is the only person handling the project from Chennai and other one is supervisor, he is sitting in Bangalore.

It was Saturday, I came to office, next 15days were most memorable days of my life.. Without knowing the system I started working on the project.

For initial 3-4 days, for everything I was dependent on these two, seeking help by phone. To depend on others for everything and seek permission to do something may put u down.

It was really challenging to handle all this for initial days though it was simple and small project. The strange part was by the time I came to know the work the guy return and my job in that project got over.

It was some gr8 moments I spend with SVB(other related team) in Chennai.. their work culture is really good. They work as unit. Enjoy their work. Weekly team outing for lunch etc..

During my stay in Chennai, climate was normal(pleasant). And enjoyed my stay. I found food is bit expensive compared to Bangalore.(not sure about other than T Nagar and Nungabhakam)

The most important one is without knowing Tamil its difficult to manage. Luckily one of my guest house mate knew the language, helps to manage.

The traffic in Chennai is comparatively less, people in Chennai are more economy oriented, and prefer public transport may be the reason. Major roads looks bit wider too.

Over all it was short and memorable for me.