Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life Partner.

Hi Snehiths, Here what I am about to share with you is one of best things in my life that happened in the year 2009.

Frankly, year 2009 wasn’t a pleasant one to me. I had to go through a lot of tough times. But there is something that happened in my life and itt gives me lot of happiness to share this with all my snehiths.

Guess what?? Yes its about my marriage.. They say that “Marriages are made in Haven” Yes, I now 100% believe in this line.

Like all traditional Brahmin family in India, it usually start with Jaataka(kundli).

Once kundli matches then only rest of the processes start. Like everyone I too had dreams about my life partner. I had full freedom to select my partner.

But I didn’t have any specific requirements. My only requirement was that girl should be well cultured and educated (any bachelor degree would do)

Lots of kundalies came for the marriage. Some of them matched my requirement but some kundalies didn’t work and some other got rejected due to other reasons not known to me. That time only I realized that how difficult it is to find the life partner.

Many times I was thinking that why I didn’t love any girl? If I would have been in love with someone of our cast, I could have escaped from this lengthy and time consuming process of finding the perfect bride.

One fine day my sister and brother-in-law told me about one proposal. Hearing that, for a moment I couldn’t react. The reason, I also knew that girl. She is not only known girl. She happens to be my relative. Quite close relative, my bhabhi’s sister. I asked them to give me some time to think over it. They said, take your time, think twice; since it is in relation, Once am OK and our kundalies match, then rest would be just formalities. Now I was really confused, even though she was my relative from last 6 years I had hardly any kind of interaction with this girl. But I knew that she matches my requirement.

My confusion was about society’s reaction. Definitely everyone would think its love marriage. So what why should I care? But at the same time I was thinking that am I putting my family down in society?

There was no problem for me to give the go ahead. I said to my family that am ok for this alliance if everything is ok for them as well. They were very happy to process this. Then kundalies got exchanged. It was perfectly matching. I asked my sister to talk with girl in detail. She too was very happy. Marriage date also fixed without any formality like seeing or talking. Marriage happened within a month. With this my so called year long search of perfect bride came to an end. Got Happily married on 31st May-2009.

After my marriage for some time people asked whether it was love marriage or the arranged one? Only a few of them believe that it was actually an arranged one. We did not try to justify. But one question I always ask my wife that “why didn’t you love me in this 6 years (after her sisters marriage, before our Marriage)?” J


  1. Like it's said,"Marriages are made i heaven". Nice to read "The Story of Your Marriage" :)

  2. Very sweeet and cute story :) have a happy married life :) :)

  3. Thanks. Today its my first wedding anniversary .. it was really gr8 feeling. Can’t believe that its one year now..