Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wish U all Happy New Year-2010

Hi Snehiths,

A brand new year is here, another year filled with expectations, resolutions, fears and forecasts. A year that will disappoint many, surprise some and make a few really happy. My sincerest wish is that everyone will be happy, and share a moment of joy, peace and understanding in coming Year.

That is my New Year's wish. I hope you all share it with me.

Flashback of year 2009 for me is, professionally nothing much happened. Almost this year I was free in d office due to recession. May be this could be d reason that, m eagerly waiting for new year. Hope I can see professionally some changes in coming year.

Personally lot more happened, yes, got happily married . Enjoyed my free time. Expecting more and more happiness and joy in coming year too.

Once again Wish U all Happy New Year-2010

your Snehith,



  1. Happy new year 2010

  2. Wishing you all snehiths happy new year 2010 Shivakumar Patil

  3. Thanks for you Sweet Wishes and same to you and your all family members. - Parag Gupta

  4. Hi Manju,

    Wish you happy new year.


  5. Happy New Year Manju
    Got inot your Blog through my friend Dinakar Moger's blog.

  6. Happy New Year and Happy Married Life