Monday, December 14, 2009

Its Our Duty

Today’s hot topic is rising temperature i.e. Global Warming. Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and oceans…

Each individual is directly or indirectly contributors for this. All of us know that each drop of the rain contributes for the sea, but neglect when it comes to our work and will continue in our own way.

Public do know the importance of our natural resources.. will use that but never bother about their duty towards nature. Its not a use and throw thing.. Its being continuously used by generation to generation. Its our duty that keep our environment in good condition and have to pass the same to generation to come. Today man is cutting d forest for the intention of being developed and rich but why does not think that indirectly he is heading towards poor.

I used to ask extra cover for shopkeeper with my cloth shopping.. but I learnt that how much this plastic bags are harmful to our environment . 2day to a very large extent I reduced the use of plastic in my daily life, even for vegetable shopping am going with my own jute bag. These plastics r very harmful to our environment and will not decompose easily.

We all know that many of the power plant or big industries are more responsible for the environment pollution. Along with each individual also more or less responsible for the same. We have to keep our environment keep clean and cool.

Following some of the daily activities may help our environment

1. Minimize the use of paper work, ( use E-Paper, E- mail, e-statement instead of news paper, bank statement, ATM receipts)

2. Minimize the use of plastic & tissue papers.

3. Minimize the use of private transport, use public transports

4. Minimize the use of electricity as specially in office don’t forget to turn off your computers before going home. At least in the weekend.

5. Don’t disturb others from your high TV or music system volume. On road plz don’t use horn when its not required. I saw many ppl horn @ signal also.

6. Don’t throw your daily waste on roadside.. Use dust bin (not plastic cover) and handover to corporation vehicle. (if facility available)

7. Don’t go for roadside natural calls when public toilets are available.

8. Give up drinking, smoking, Gutka…. at least spit or throw d waste at correct place .

9. Planting trees in and around our home. Doesn’t take much, except a bucket of water a day and a little care

10. Keep clean in and around our home...

Live simple life… …Don’t bother about others.. Set d trend… People will start follow us..

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