Friday, October 09, 2009

Cost of Living

Again one more long weekend gone. Oct 2nd Friday, Gandhi Jayanti, so this week again, we got a long weekend. This time I was thinking that why I can’t do savings even though Am getting decent salary. Got puzzled, then I started counting my last month(Sep) expenses, rent, transportation, food, shopping, bills and so on.. When it crossed 25K, I stopped counting. Oh my goodness, 25k is the expense for a month. Again start thinking where all can I minimize my expense, somehow I can manage to save 8K and rest of them are compulsory expenses.

Now 2 flash back, when I was in Belgaum, studding MCA, my whole year expense never crossed 25K. And my entire 3 year degree expense is less then this amount; even my 1 to 12th standard expense was far less then today’s my single month expense.

It depends on many factors, mainly its because of cost of living in that place. Other factors could be our life style, money value.

Again that was the time when cost of living was pretty less, and life style also so simple. Today every thing is quite expensive; our life style has also changed accordingly.

We start coping others, we start living for others and end up with 2days situation. There is so many gr8 persons like Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda,

They lived their life with simplicity and set the model for the others to follow.

What can we do now, sorry, what we should do; first thing, we should stop using credit cards and credit life. We should not copy others, should do what we feel good and comfortable.

One should live as simple as it could be.. what u say ???

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  1. Manju
    you are right,
    its all depends on our thinking,
    we have experienced our lifestyle in YTSS,
    just compare that and now
    so different, so expensive life now