Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ATM receipts

Today morning I visited Canara bank ATM nearby my house. The 1 thing that captured my mind is dustbin placed next to ATM machine.
Interesting thing here is that dustbin was surrounded by lots of receipts but dustbin was actually empty. Am surprised for the peoples who use ATM are usually educated one, they don’t have common sense that they should drop the teared receipts in dustbin after checking the balance, not outside the dustbin.

Second interesting point to note is that in an ATM machine, you have balance enquiry option (free of cost like receipts). Here my question is to people, who don’t want electronic balance enquiry option and still go for the receipts, should not throw them outside dustbin.

My humble request here to all is:
Please utilize our limited resources properly (Save Trees for Mother Nature and our kids) and save that for next generation to use.


  1. Its true sometime in a hurry... we throw teared receipts anywhere but in dustbin... We should show some consideration towards the bank that has given us this facility to check our balances through receipts.

    We can check our balances through internet also.. That would be good option.. But I guess, most of us are not sure of the amount deducted from our Account upon any transaction, that why we want receipts everytime...

  2. I agree, its for our use, v can maximum utilize this resources,but should not misuse. right??

  3. Productive observation!!

    There is thin line difference between a person who is civilized and non-civilized irrespective of eduction, needs, personality and circumstances.

    One has to make a right choice which category one wants to belong. :-)

  4. yes... u r rite.. people should hv at least of common sence..