Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time will not wait for anyone

Tin tin tinnin… Time is flowing like river… last week I was thinking about long weekend having 3days off, I will do this, I will do that bla bla bla…
But today if I look back over the past weekend; what are the things completed from my to do list? Nothing spl. More or less was like one more weekend..
Ok leave it, September month also going to complete its days. Have now started to point out the spl things which I did in this month??? Hey even its nothing yaar L
Now start looking backward, one by one month, did not find any gr8 thing. Feeling bad about it.. What and where my achievement after these my gone weekdays and weekends?? This is not the first time, am feeling nostalgic and looking backward,
Every time when I think, I will set some goals??? What happened to those goals???
Some are initiated but not continued. Some not started. Some of them could not be finalized and some forgotten… Why it has happened like this and happening for so long??
Laziness… yes.. its all because of my inherent enemy.. Lazzziness that’s why Chacha Nehru told us that laziness is our biggest enemy.
Time is not in our hand.. We cant touch the same running water at one place, similarly time also.. Every passing second we will lose very precious moment of our life..
Till 2day I was saying that, Live today like there is no tomorrow. Now am not saying that tomorrow never dies. but will say time is very precious,
Live each moment of life.. more so utilize the time.. do something productive. At the end of the day, when you look back, you should not feel that you wasted your free time..
One more thing I have to mention here is, BOD you should set the goal for the day and EOD should analyze the achievement of the day, then only we can keep the “josh” alive in ourself.
Otherwise again its the same old story.. But time will not wait for anyone..

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